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Reminisce Angus Beef

10 lb. Cowboy Box

10 lb. Cowboy Box

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Just enough to fit in your saddle bags.  Our Cowboy Box lets you taste the measurable difference in Angus beef.

Your taste buds will get to sample what 31 years of tracking flavor through bloodlines is all about.

All you’ll need is a few brickettes and a good cigar to enjoy with this taste teaser!

Remember all of our products are guaranteed and shipped free to your door step…BON APETIT!

  • 9- 1/3# all beef patties

  • 2- 1# bricks of hamburger

  • 1- 3# roast (chuck, arm, shoulder, top round or short ribs)

  • 2- grill items (fajita meat, tri tip, brisket, flank steak, flat iron, sirloin, or skirt steak).

  • 2- steaks (ribeye, New York strip, tenderloin)

1- pack of our beef jerky

Free shipping! (Special Shipping available to Alaska and Hawaii)

USDA inspected and graded for quality safety
All Natural, Wholesome Beef-  Our beef is handled in the safest, best way possible.  All label instructions are followed.  Our beef is minimally processed.
Genetically sourced and aged from the Reminisce Angus herd in Dillon, Montana-
All of our beef can be traced back to our registered herd through our bulls. 
We have been building our brand on flavor for over 31 years now and that incredible, distinctly unique flavor comes from one bloodline. 
Raised and finished on a complete vitamin and mineral package, grass, hay, other forages like corn stalks, grain hulls and corn.
100% guarantee- We can guarantee the quality of our beef because we have been in business so long that we know what we are delivering. Your boxed beef is guaranteed.  It may not arrive 100% frozen. Small amounts of it may be thawed around the edges of the packages. Some packages may be thawed.  However, the frozen pieces in the box will keep all the meat safe for eating and any, if any partially thawed pieces can be refrozen without damaging the quality of our product. 

Free shipping! (Special Shipping available to Alaska and Hawaii)
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Delicious and Nutritious Beef

  • Genetically sourced 

  • Montana Angus beef with amazing flavor

  • Highly marbled and nutritious

Our Premium Beef

All our Roasts

Reminisce roasts are perfect for slow cooking, reverse sear or sear and bake. Anyway you choose to cook them, you’ll enjoy the flavor that comes from the meat to your mouth. Check out our helpful beef tips on each item to help you enjoy it more. Please share your experience and recipes with us.

Round roasts
Reminisce round roasts are leaner with less fat. They are best cooked to 120 degrees then, baste it with butter or olive
oil and reverse seared. This method locks in juices and you can make a great gravy with the drippings. You can also sear
them first, then slow cook them to 125 degrees internal temperature.
Seasoning/rub suggestion- salt, pepper, garlic and onion. Cook with mushrooms in pan; then, set aside to rest and pour
the drippings and mushrooms into a sauce pan; add just 2 tablespoons of flour or corn starch to thicken and salt to
taste. Mushrooms make the gravy nice and tangy.

Sirloin Roast

Our sirloin roasts are tender with a different flavor profile than round roasts. Cook them to 125 internal temperature,
then turn up the heat to 475, baste the top with butter and sear the outside for a taste experience that will change your
life! Seasoning/rub suggestion- salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary and thyme. Always save the drippings for au jus or gravy.

Chuck Roast

Chuck roasts are best cooked slowly. We like to slow cook our at 200 degrees for 6-8 hours. They are perfect to put in
the oven in the morning before work. Then come home a savor the incredible smell front your front door to your taste
buds. Seasoning/rub suggestion- salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary and thyme. Always save the drippings for au jus or gravy.

All our Steaks

Our genetically sourced Reminisce Angus steaks are shipped to the top steakhouses in the country and to the best
resorts along the rocky mountain spine from Kalispel Montana to Tucson Arizona. The finest chefs in the country cook
our beef for one reason. There is a measurable difference in taste and flavor. Now you can enjoy the same quality beef
at home on your table any time you like.

Sirloin Steaks

Our hidden gem of steaks. Our sirloins are so tender and full of flavor, grocery shoppers often choose them over rib-
eyes. These steaks are 6-10 oz. See our beef tips page to see size differences.

Rib Eye Steak

Ribeye steaks deliver the most robust flavor profile of all steak. That is because it is home to most of the marbling on the carcass. All carcasses are graded on quality at the ribeye and Reminisce carcasses grade very well most of the time.

Our Guarantee

At Reminisce Angus, we are confident you will be happy with our high quality, incredibly tasting beef and our first class customer service that we offer a full guarantee on your order.

  • Bryan,  Thank you for those steaks.  They were delicious.  That's the best beef I have ever eaten, and I am not bull sh.....g you.  You need to quit what your doing and just concentrate on your beef business. I mean it. You're selling it too cheap

    - Cal Erb

  • "Bryan, our group at the cigar club voted you the best steakhouse in Montana. We were talking about the best steakhouses in Montana and decided it was the Fools End, once a year!

    - David Gipson

  • Bryan, I bought some of your meat at the store the other day and it was amazing!  When you told me there was a measurable difference in taste; I rolled my eyes, but there really is.  I have tried several cuts. Your cross rib roast is amazing. The stew meat is so tender. It's all so good and there is a measurable difference. I told my brother in-law about it and he drove over from Spokane to get some.  Thank you for bringing it to our Town and Country Food Store.  

    - Lee Peletier


With each order you will receive a free pack of our Reminisce ranch jerky made from some of the same cuts you have in your beef box. Or, if you would rather have a some our our highly 91-93 rated Cattle Baron Cigars, just let us know in the note box with your order. 


We also offer free delivery of every product we sell.

Our product is always cut fresh and shipped frozen
All USDA inspected beef is considered all natural. No USDA inspected beef is ever sold with any antibiotics or traces of hormones in it. Our beef is guaranteed to only have naturally occurring hormones in it.