Our Story

Reminisce Angus

Our story

Our story starts with our name, Reminisce.
Reminiscing the good old days; a time when things were a little slower;
breeding angus cattle for the reasons they became the most popular breed
on the planet, calving ease, milk and marbling.
We have concentrated our genetic vision on taste, which is a combination
of flavor and tenderness. Not all tender beef has good flavor.
Reminisce Angus is known to have a measurable difference in taste.
This philosophy has helped us navigate through the common industry urges to just make them bigger.
We have been involved in every sector of the cattle and beef business in
a large-scale operation.  We understand the margin challenges between
the different segments and we respect them.
Reminisce Angus Ranch runs 600 registered angus cows.  We sell 180 angus bulls annually in our production sale in March.  We have developed a very loyal customer base for 2 reasons.  The first, we have a superior product, our bulls.  They are developed for longevity, and they endure tough times on rugged ranches. The 2nd reason is our unmatched customer service. We provide what our competitors won’t risk and that is feeding our customer calves by our bulls and providing them with very empowering data to improve their herds with.
However, if we are to thrive in our ranching business and help as many of our bull customers as possible be profitable and reach as many consumers that want genetically sourced, high marbling Montana Angus Beef; we have started a direct to consumer beef marketing program for our Reminisce Angus Beef.
Times change, and we have seen and endured a lot of them in the 39 years we have been in the business. To help ourselves and our customers not only survives, but thrive in the future, we had to change and grow into a new sustainable business model.
Our Reminisce Ranch involves two of our grown children and their families part time. They are also our customers as they have started their own commercial ranches and buy bulls from us as well. Like 100% of our customers, they too work outside jobs to pay the bills so they can continue to live on their ranches, raise their kids in rural Montana and carry on the Reminisce tradition with their families.
We have taken it upon ourselves to preserve the west the best way we know how and that is helping our hard working customers( ranch families ) preserve their ranches in their communities across several western states. We have gone to great lengths to pull profit from every segment of the industry back to them and have come to the cross roads of dropping that effort, turning back into survival mode for ourselves, or press on into a new market that will allow us to help a great number of people through our success.
Meet Bryan and Marcia Mussard, owners of Reminisce Angus, Dillon, Montana
For 20 years now Bryan and Marcia have successfully operated and grown Reminisce Angus into one of Montana’s premier angus seedstock herds.  Bryan bought his first registered cows in 1984 and cut his teeth in the industry for the next 16 years. Today, they both run the day to day operations from top to bottom. We realize how important it is to properly manage and market our genetics and beef, but we also make an example of ourselves to our family and crew by doing whatever task needs done. We don’t see low end jobs on our place, just different ones that need done by the right people. We all pitch hay, fix fence and clean stall when needed. We all celebrate the success of our sales together as well.
Bryan is the owner and CEO of Reminisce Angus.   He over sees the entire operations from genetics, health and nutrition decisions to marketing the bulls and beef. Bryan does the irrigating on the ranch as well. He and Marcia do the calving and caretaking of the cowherd.
 In the wintertime, Marcia does most of the feeding of the cows.  She also does most of the artificial insemination on the ranch and maintains a gorgeous yard and home and is the favorite of our 6 grandkids. She invests herself in every aspect of our lives. From pitching hay, sweeping floors, cowgirl to Meme, she is one big Gorgeous bottle of glue for us all to stick to!
Talitha our daughter, takes care of the cattle health at the feedlot after the calves have been weaned over the winter. She oversees the vaccinations and health of them throughout the time they are in the feedlot.  She exercises them weekly or more often. She and her team checks  weights, fertility test, AI (artificially inseminate), freeze brand, ultrasound and ship cattle out to pastures and into the feedlot. Talitha also takes all of our wonderful photos.  We aren’t camera friendly people and she has a knack for catching real moments in our daily life.
Silas our son runs the feed operations at our feedlot.  He is the crew chief.  He works with the crew to get the cattle fed the proper rations and keep the equipment operating on time everyday. His crew beds the cattle during cold spells and helps process the cattle through the processing facility with Talitha and her crew. Like most ranches; he fills in wherever he is needed.
Jill our secretary, has been with us for over 25 years. She keeps track of all the cattle records and it gets more complex every year as we continue to expand and grow.  She communicates with the Angus Association and sends in all of our recorded data  from birth weights, weaning weights, yearling weights to ultrasound data, PAP data DNA as well as makes our catalog for the bull sale. 
We take care of our 600 registered cows and approximately 8,000 customer cattle over the winter each year. The other 6 members of our crew also wear a lot of hats at Reminisce Angus Ranch.