Preserving the West

Reminisce Angus Beef 

We are selling a unique, Montana Angus beef sourced from the high marbling bloodlines of Reminisce Angus Beef. We are the only company we know of that has genetically tracked flavor and taste for over 31 years to specific bloodlines in the angus breed.

Why other companies use origins, breeds, feed sources and other marketing tools; Reminisce Angus is a cut above as we know which bloodlines contain specific DNA for unique, natural incredible flavor.

All beef inspected by the USDA is considered to be All Natural free from any hormones and antibiotics. It is illegal to sell beef with antibiotics or hormones in it. Sources- USDA and the American Meat Institute.

WE do not demonize or make false allegations about our competition of store bought beef, organic, natural, grass fed or others.  This is not good for the beef business. It only puts a negative impression out to the consumer about beef as a whole. Our job is to convince a growing audience that we develop that ours is a great option for them. We aren’t after every customer.  Our customer loves high quality beef and will seek it out and pay for it.

Sustainable means

  1. We have to stay in business to produce a predictable, repeatable product.  Which means we can no longer be price takers of the market, we command a profit through our effort of being better than the average beef producer through our extensive data, customer service and one of a kind product and the variety we offer it in.
  2. We have to take proper care of our livestock through good animal husbandry, which is good health and nutrition through high quality feeds, minerals, vitamins, vaccines and medicines to keep our cattle thriving.
  3. We take care of the land our cattle live on and the land we grow our crops on that feed the cattle. These lands also provide open space for habitat for hundreds of species of wildlife, aquatic life, inspects, birds and plants, shrubs and trees. It also provides and sources vital water sheds for drinking.