Purchasing Beef

Purchasing Beef in large quantities. 

When purchasing Reminisce Angus beef for your home freezer, several things need to be considered.  We sell wholesale select cut beef ranging in size from 10lbs to whole animal purchases.  When purchasing in larger quantities, there can be significant cost saving. 

When considering the advantages of purchasing beef in larger quantities, please think about these factors:

What cuts of beef do you serve most often?  How much freezer space do you have available?  What amount of beef does your family consume over a given time period?  Where and how is the beef cut, packaged and frozen?  What amount of money do you have available for beef purchases on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  Will the total cost and amount saved by buying in larger quantities be significant? 

How many pounds of beef will my freezer hold?

Generally, one cubic foot of freezer space will hold 35-40 pounds of cut and wrapped beef. Beef cuts are usually not uniform in size.  We suggest you allow additional space for storage. 

What sizes are Reminisce Angus Beef boxes available?

Our boxes are available in a variety of sizes:  10lbs, 22lbs, 52lbs, 70lbs, 140lbs, 275lbs, and 550lbs.  These boxes contain ground beef in addition to a variety of select cuts that may not be uniform in size.

What is the advantage of buying larger quantities such as 70lbs (1/8 beef) or 550lbs (whole beef)?

When purchasing larger quantities from Reminisce Angus, a variety of cuts are included such as ground beef, roasts, grill meats and steaks.  This results in a reduced average cost for the cuts of beef.  Reminisce Angus Beef is sourced from our own high marbling bloodlines for flavor and taste. Our cattle are raised on pastures for 2/3 of their life, then finished on hay, other natural, forage byproducts and corn.  We then process the cattle and age the beef for 30-40 days, resulting in a unique, incredible taste.
The cost of Reminisce Angus Beef includes all processing, aging, plus a FREE beef jerky package and FREE shipping.

Is it more cost effective to purchase larger quantities of of beef from Reminisce Angus than to purchase retail cuts at the meat market and freeze them?

Retail beef may be found at a discounted sale price which can save you money.  However, you may need to repackage the beef properly to freeze for the future.   This investment is smaller and certain cuts may
be easier to obtain but the beef is often select or low choice cuts.
There are many advantages of purchasing larger quantities from Reminisce Angus.  Not only does the beef have a superior quality and taste, but the average price per cut is also reduced compared to the same product at the market, if even available.  Having purchased larger quantities can help your food budget by planning meals around the known cuts of beef.  Additionally, trips to the supermarket can be minimized as you are shopping from your freezer.

What is the advantage to having your beef frozen by a commercial processor?

For large beef purchases it is best to have the freezing done by a commercial processor utilizing the correct quick freeze equipment. Slow freezing causes more of the meat fibers to rupture due to the formation of large ice crystals.  This means more juices are lost when the beef is thawed. So, in purchasing large quantities always purchase them frozen. Be sure that the processor has quick frozen the beef before it is taken to the home freezer. Beef should be initially frozen at -10°F or lower and as quickly as possible.

How Long Can your Beef be Frozen and Still Maintain its Quality?

Beef can be stored from 9-12 months. Most beef items can be safely stored for longer periods, but they lose some quality. Long storage periods contribute to freezer burn, dehydration, and broken packages, which results in sacrificing quality and quantity. Shorter storage periods can reduce storage investment costs. Most farmers and ranchers buy and store the beef they eat in freezers. 

Buying Beef

  1. Buy from a dependable supplier, such as Reminisce Angus, that has a reputation for incredible quality and taste.
  2. Buy inspected beef. Reminisce Angus beef is USDA inspected and graded,
  3. Sourced from high marbling bloodlines, wholesome, AGED beef from the Reminisce Angus herd in Dillon, Montana.
  4. Our beef is raised and finished on grass, natural hay and grain feed byproducts and corn.
  5. Purchase the amount of meat needed that supplies the variety that you desire. Some families prefer to purchase a whole beef while others enjoy 52 lb monthly shipments.
  6. When deciding the quantity of beef to purchase, consider the amount of refrigeration and freezer space you have available.
this information is provided by: https://extension.okstate.edu/fact-sheets/buying-beef-for-home-freezers.html