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 " Bryan, our group at the cigar club voted you the best steakhouse in Montana. We were talking about the best steakhouses in Montana and decided it was the Fools End, once a year!"

David Gipson

Bryan, I bought some of your meat at the store the other day and it was amazing!  When you told me there was a measurable difference in taste; I rolled my eyes, but there really is.  I have tried several cuts. Your cross rib roast is amazing. The stew meat is so tender. It's all so good and there is a measurable difference. I told my brother in-law about it and he drove over from Spokane to get some.  Thank you for bringing it to our Town and Country Food Store. 

Lee Peletier

Bryan, thank you for those steaks.  They were delicious.  That's the best beef I have ever eaten, and I am not bull sh.....g you.  You need to quit what your doing and just concentrate on your beef business. I mean it. You're selling it too cheap.

Cal Erb