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Beef Boxes with Brisket and Tri-tip

Beef Boxes with Brisket and Tri-tip

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Get one of our Beef Boxes and Unleash your inner pitmaster with our 10-pound Brisket and Tri-Tip box, perfect for creating smoky, tender barbecue A $99.00 value

Juicy: Both brisket and tri-tip boast succulent tenderness.

Smoky: Both cuts are excellent for absorbing smoky flavors when cooked low and slow, enhancing their taste profile.

Flavorful: Brisket and tri-tip deliver bold, intense flavors that make them stand out in any culinary creation.

This Limited Beef Special Checks off all the boxes for all Your Grilling, Slow Cook, and Broiling fun.

You want to give cooking Brisket or Tri-Tip a try?

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