Beef Portions

Not all cuts of meat are exact in size or symmetrical. There what we call tails or ends that are either cut into longer or smaller pieces. These different shaped make different size steaks, roasts and grill meats. The smallest pieces are put in to grind mix for burger. Sometimes we will cut thicker pieces off the ends to try and keep the size similar.

Make Informed Choices

Ensuring you know exactly what you're buying is crucial to fully enjoying your purchase. Here's a brief guide to help you understand the quality and characteristics of the beef you select:

  • A steer is segmented into eight primary sections
  • These cuts each offer distinct flavor, texture, and varying degrees of fat and marbling

Get to Know Reminisce Beef

Cattle size

 Not all beef are the same size. Carcasses from animals the same age will vary in size. Usually this is a minor difference, but they can vary up to 250 lbs. We sort our cattle twice a month to pick out which ones are ready for harvest. Some animals finish sooner and at heavier weights than others. It is important pick the ones that are ready to go so the end product is consistent in quality.

Meat quality

 The meat quality varies quite a bit in the beef industry. The main difference is in the different breeds. Also, regions and feed environments influence taste and tenderness. Some breeds have a lot more muscle and some breeds produce more intermuscular called marbling. Angus is the go too breed for marbling and muscle combined.

Montana Angus Beef

We have sourced our beef from the high marbling bloodlines of Reminisce Angus Ranch for tenderness and flavor through bloodlines for over 31 years now.

There is a measurable difference in our beef and our current
customers tell the story to everyone they meet! We are the only breeder selling beef that is sourced back to one bloodline’s DNA for flavor and taste.

It has taken us decades and a lot of trials, but we can deliver the same eating experience every time because we know where it comes from.

That’s the measurable difference in our beef and you will taste it!


The quality of the meat you purchase will ultimately decide what kind of and how much seasoning you use. Leaner beef has less fat in it and can be dryer and sometimes tougher to chew. 

Fat not only adds energy and essential saturated fat to your body, but it also adds flavor. Marbling grows between the strands of muscle, relaxing them and allowing them to absorb flavor from the fat.
The more marbling you buy, the less seasoning you will buy. The best beef eating experience is to taste the meat, not just the seasoning. We enjoy our own rubs and seasoning, but as a light enhancer, NOT to mask the flavor. If you are putting a lot of rub, seasoning, sauces and other condiments on your beef, you didn’t spend enough on your beef. And when you do, you won’t
need all the extras.