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2023 Reminisce Angus Drawing Winner Search

    • Burgers and Fries

      Burger Boxes

      We offer a 10lb. and 20lb. Burger Box. With your choice of either all 1/3 lb. patties, all 1 lb. burger bricks or half patties half bricks

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    • 20 lb Beef Box

      Our branding box has several of our favorite appetizing grill items that are perfect as appetizers with a good cigar or the main dish, with your favorite red wine.

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    • Whole or half beef subscription

      Do you want a Half or Whole beef but don't have the space for one?
      We offer subscriptions to these boxes so you will receive 1 box every month for 5 months with the Half Beef subscription
      1 box every month for 10 months
      **An initial payment is required**
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