Collection: All Beef Boxes

  • 10 lb. Cowboy Box

    Just enough to fit in your saddle bags.  Our Cowboy Box lets you taste the measurable difference in Angus beef.

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  • Sizzling Grill Box

    Be the Grill Master with all the best cuts of beef for your grill
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  • 20lb. Branding Box

    On branding day you better have a big box full of good beef to satisfy a hard-working, cowboy crew and our branding box has it!

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  • 50 lb. Ranch Box

    Now your getting serious about having good beef in your freezer.  Professional chefs from across the west are proud to be serving our beef in the finest restaurants.

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  • Eighth Beef Box

    APPROX. 60 lbs.

    An 1/8 of a beef will last a family of 4 for about 3-4 months. This is a great option for the busy family

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  • Quarter Beef Box

    APPROX. 116 lbs.

    a 1/4 beef will last about 5-6 months. When you buy good beef, your leftovers will become a new delicacy, if you over cook.

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  • Half Beef Box

    APPROX. 232 lbs.

    Now you will have a freezer full of our beef that professional chefs across the west pay top dollar for!

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  • Subscriptions

    All our beef products can be setup on a subscription basis at checkout.

    We offer special subscriptions for half and whole beef. for more information CLICK HERE

  • Whole Beef Box

    APPROX. 465 lbs.

    Here’s the best deal for a big family who plans meals or to have a good inventory of our incredibly tasting beef for months to enjoy!

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